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The Power of Innovation: Kansept Main Street Knife: Analysis and Features Explored



The Kansept Main Street, a product of the relatively recent Yangjiang-based startup founded in 2020, has generated both curiosity and skepticism. This review delves into the knife’s various aspects, emphasizing the Kansept Main Street’s unique selling points and potential drawbacks.

Background: Kansept, a brand prioritizing creative and artistic knife designs, has swiftly entered the market, boasting close to 500 products in just three years. Known for collaborations with renowned designers, the Main Street stands out as a Dirk Pinkerton-designed knife among the extensive Kansept catalog.

Key Specifications:

  • Blade Length: 3.4 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.95 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • Blade Material: 154CM
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Locking Mechanism: Crossbar Lock
  • Deployment Mechanism: Thumb Stud
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Price Range: Approximately $85

Quality and Performance:

While the Kansept Main Street boasts good build quality, attractive design, and smooth deployment with a solid lockup, it falls short in terms of ergonomics, pocket-friendliness, and blade practicality. The competition in its price range appears more refined, prompting a consideration for other Kansept knives emphasizing functionality over aesthetics.

Brand Identity and Innovation: Founded in 2020, Kansept strives to redefine “Concept” in knife design, emphasizing innovation and staying abreast of fresh elements. The brand’s commitment to absorbing novel ideas is reflected in its logo, inspired by UFOs symbolizing progression and futuristic exploration.

Blade Characteristics:

The Main Street features a distinctive reverse tanto blade shape with a straight cutting edge, a jimped spine for thumb traction, and a high flat grind. The 154CM blade material, though reliable, faces competition from newer alloys. The deployment mechanism, utilizing a crossbar lock and thumb stud, ensures efficient use.

Deployment & Lockup:

The Main Street’s deployment, facilitated by symmetrical ambidextrous thumb studs and a crossbar lock, offers a satisfying experience. The sliding bar lock, combined with ball bearings in the pivot, contributes to smooth action. However, lock stick issues persist after hard flicks, potentially attributed to galling or machining imperfections.

Features, Fit & Finish:

The knife’s flashy design, highlighted by G-Mascus (G10 Damascus) scales, impresses aesthetically. Despite being subjective, the fit and finish are generally commendable, with minor exceptions like persistent lock stick, an average factory edge, and surface-level voids in the handle scales.

Field Test and Alternatives:

The Main Street’s bulkiness poses challenges in pocket carry, impacting overall comfort and practicality. Alternative knives like the CJRB Pyrite, Civivi Sentinel Strike, Bestech Slyther, and Kizer LP present viable options in the sub-$100 price range, catering to diverse preferences and needs.


AspectKansept Main StreetAlternatives (e.g., CJRB Pyrite, Civivi Sentinel Strike, Bestech Slyther, Kizer LP)
ProsGood build quality, unique design, smooth deployment, solid lockupVaried designs, diverse deployment mechanisms, competitive build quality
ConsUndeveloped ergonomics, pocket bulkiness, impractical blade shape, lock stick, heftyAlternatives offer improved ergonomics, more practical blade shapes, lighter weight
Brand Identity & InnovationEmphasis on creative designs and innovationDiverse design approaches, varying levels of innovation in alternatives
Blade Quality154CM steel, reliable but faces competition from newer alloysAlternatives offer different steel options, potentially with better edge retention
Deployment & LockupThumb stud deployment, crossbar lock with ball bearings, occasional lock stickAlternatives may feature different deployment methods and lock mechanisms, potential variations in action quality
Features & FinishFlashy design with G-Mascus scales, commendable fit and finish with minor exceptionsAlternatives present varying designs, finishes, and features, potential differences in fit and finish
Field Test (Pocket Carry)Bulky and challenging in pocket carryAlternatives may offer better pocket ergonomics, lighter weight, and more practical designs
Overall PerformanceUnique design, good build quality, but hindered by ergonomic issuesAlternatives cater to different preferences, potentially offering superior practicality and comfort


As the market for sub-$100 knives expands, Kansept faces stiff competition. While the Main Street offers unique design elements and commendable build quality, its ergonomic shortcomings and impracticalities prompt a careful consideration of alternatives within and outside the Kansept lineup.


  1. What is the Kansept Main Street’s blade material?
  • 154CM steel.
  1. Where is Kansept based?
  • Yangjiang, China.
  1. When was Kansept founded?
  • 2020.
  1. How many products are in Kansept’s catalog?
  • Almost 500.
  1. Who designed the Kansept Main Street?
  • Dirk Pinkerton.
  1. What is the Main Street’s overall length?
  • 7.95 inches.
  1. What is the Main Street’s weight?
  • 4.5 ounces.
  1. What is the Main Street’s locking mechanism?
  • Crossbar Lock.
  1. What is the Main Street’s deployment mechanism?
  • Thumb Stud.
  1. Where is the Main Street manufactured?
    • China.
  2. What is the Main Street’s price range?
    • About $85.
  3. What is the meaning of “Kansept”?
    • The re-formation of “Concept.”
  4. Who is the founder of Kansept?
    • Kim Ning.
  5. What type of steel is used in pricier versions of the Main Street?
    • CPM S35VN.
  6. How many variations of the Main Street are listed on Kansept’s page?
    • 32.
  7. What is the MSRP of the G10 damascus-pattern handle version of the Main Street?
    • $82.
  8. What is the Kansept logo inspired by?
    • UFOs symbolizing progression.
  9. How many years has 154CM steel been around?
    • Since 1959.
  10. What is the Main Street’s blade length?
    • 3.4 inches.
  11. What is the Kansept Main Street’s handle material?
    • G-10.
  12. What deployment method does the Main Street use?
    • Thumb Stud.
  13. What type of lock does the Main Street feature?
    • Crossbar Lock.
  14. What are the notable cons of the Main Street?
    • Undeveloped ergonomics, pocket bulkiness, impractical blade shape.
  15. Is the Main Street’s pivot free spinning?
    • Yes.
  16. What is the purpose of jimping on the Main Street’s liners?
    • Not specified.
  17. What does the Main Street’s G-Mascus handle look like?
    • Resembles a lava flow or DOOM 2 Map texturing.
  18. What is the thickness of the Main Street’s handle?
    • 0.48 inches.
  19. What kind of clip does the Main Street have?
    • Stamped steel deep-carry clip.
  20. What is the Main Street’s pocket clip configuration?
    • Right hand tip-up carry only.
  21. What is the Main Street’s blade grind?
    • High flat grind.
  22. How many ounces does the Main Street weigh?
    • 4.6 ounces.
  23. What deployment method does the CJRB Pyrite use?
    • Button lock.
  24. What steel is used in the Civivi Sentinel Strike?
    • K110.
  25. What deployment options does the Civivi Sentinel Strike provide?
    • Thumb stud, oblong thumb hole, flipper tab.
  26. What is the weight of the CJRB Pyrite Micarta-scaled version?
    • 3.6 ounces.
  27. What is the retail price of the CJRB Pyrite?
    • $55.
  28. What steel is used in the Bestech Slyther?
    • Sandvik 14C28N.
  29. What is the retail price of the Bestech Slyther?
    • $68.
  30. What steel is used in the Kizer LP?
    • 154CM.
  31. What is the Kizer LP’s overall length?
    • 7.9 inches.
  32. What is the weight of the Kizer LP?
    • 3.6 ounces.
  33. What is the Kizer LP’s deployment mechanism?
    • Thumb stud and ball bearing pivot.
  34. What is the retail price of the Kizer LP?
    • $75.
  35. What is the purpose of the Main Street’s run of jimping in the liners?
    • Not specified.
  36. How is the Kansept Main Street’s blade grind described?
    • Clean and symmetrical.
  37. What type of edge does the Main Street’s blade have?
    • Straight cutting edge.
  38. What is the Kansept Main Street’s handle profile like?
    • Blocky with a tall profile.
  39. What is the Main Street’s primary grind height?
    • Medium.
  40. What is the Kansept Main Street’s blade finish?
    • Black stonewashed.
  41. What is the Kansept Main Street’s blade shape described as?
    • Reverse tanto or modified wharncliffe.

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